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Thread Veins

Thread veins also known as ‘spider veins’ or telangiectasia are small dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin. They often appear as fine red or purple lines and are commonly found on the face or legs.

Thread veins are part of skin ageing and environmental factors can play a role. As we age, the skin can loose elasticity and become thinner, making blood vessels more visible. Additional factors such as overexposure to the sun, excessive alcohol consumption, genetics, and hormonal changes can contribute to the formation of thread veins. Whilst ageing is a common factor, other elements like pregnancy, obesity, and prolonged sitting can also contribute to their appearance. Rosacea sufferers often find they experience thread veins as the skin is flushed and red. Taking preventative measures, such as sun protection and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, may help to minimize the risk of development or worsening of the condition.

Thread veins do not generally pose any health concern and are primarily a cosmetic problem, although in some cases they can be associated with an underlying vascular condition, but they can be unsightly. Feelings about them can vary, being concerned by their appearance can affect individuals’ confidence.


Cherry Angiomas

These common benign skin growths, also known as cherry haemangiomas, are made up of small blood vessels. They typically appear as small, smooth, red or purple bumps on the skin, they can be frequent on number over the torso of the body in susceptible individuals.

Cherry angiomas are more common as people age and are generally not associated with any serious health issue. Whilst they don’t require treatment, some individuals may choose to remove them for cosmetic reasons or if they become irritated or are situated in areas where they can easily be scratched, or in areas that can catch on clothing such as bra straps and bleed.


How Does Laser Treatment Work

Thread veins can be treated quickly and effectively improving skin appearance. Laser treatment for thread vein removal is particularly successful for fine facial thread veins that may be unsuitable for sclerotherapy. Laser therapy for thread vein removal works by a process of thermocoagulation of the blood vessels. The laser emits a concentrated beam of light that is absorbed by the blood, causing the blood vessels to heat up and coagulate. This process leads to the closure of the targeted veins, eventually causing them to fade and disappear leaving the skin smooth and clear. It is a non-invasive method with minimal risk. The number of treatment sessions required depends on individual veins, some requiring single sessions others need a course of treatments to correct. Doctors typically recommend a course of treatment from 3-6 sessions. Treatments are carried out at 4 week intervals.



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