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Primelase HR Laser Hair Removal

We are one of the first clinics in the UK to offer the Primelase Diode laser. Primelase is the worlds most powerful hair diode hair removal laser with twice the power of other brands to guarantee best results.

How does it work?

Primelase is a medical grade diode laser. Along with its patented cooling system Primelase offers permanent removal of unwanted hair in a super-fast pain free treatment. Unlike older technology lasers and IPL Primelase delivers maximum energy to destroy the hair not just damage it.

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What makes Primelase the best laser for removing unwanted hair?

Maximum Power

Primelase has 4800 Watts of power, most other high end lasers offer 2400 Watts of power, the cheap lasers offer as little as 500 Watts. This ensures our clients achieve maximum results in minimum number of sessions.

Maximum Speed

With this power Primlease can deliver pulses of laser at 3 per second, superfast hair removal. We can treat full legs in ten minutes where most other lasers can take 45 minute to one hour. As a result our prices are less than most while delivering better results.

Maximum hair removal

Primelease has a Unique Short Pulse USP technology making it as effective on lighter finer hairs as on thick dark hairs to achieve maximum clearance. Most other lower powered lasers struggle to remove lighter finer hairs and so you are left with residual hair requiring ongoing multiple treatment.

Maximum versatility

Primelase has a choice of 3 wavelengths to customise treatment for all skin types. We can treat all areas of the body, all skin types and all hair types excluding white of grey hairs. Laser hair removal is suitable for both men and women.

Minimum pain

Primelase has a patented cooling system to keep your skin cool and comfortable throughout treatment whilst delivering high energy into the hair follicle. Primelase offer a painfree mode of treatment.

Minimum cost

Even thought Primelase is the highest quality and power to deliver best results due to its speed of treatment we offer very competitive prices. With other lasers you may need over 12 sessions, Primelase achieves maximum results in just 6 for most people saving you time and money. See our price list for special offers.

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Your treatment plan

Initially we will provide a free consultation to explain the treatment in detail and assess your suitability. We will cover a complete medical questionnaire and provide you with all the information you need to be comfortable proceeding with treatment including very clear costing and pre and post treatment instruction and advice . We would then perform a patch test to ensure no adverse reaction and you can being your first session two days later. You will have approximately 6 sessions 8 weeks apart. Some people may require more maintenance treatments but we can advise you during your consultation.

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Latest reviews…


Very helpful

5.0 rating

I have been doing the laser for the first time, after the first session I started seeing the difference. It’ s been very helpful, I can see a big difference on my legs and my skin is very soft.


Excellent service

5.0 rating

Michelle is always friendly and chatty, the laser machine is much less painful than another I’ve had treatment with and the results have been great. I would definitely recommend it for anyone considering laser


Excellent hair loss results

5.0 rating

As someone who suffers from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, excess hair growth had always bothered me and damaged my confidence in social situations (especially in hot weather). Having had laser hair removal I find that I no longer worry about my hair – and no longer even notice that I don’t worry! Michelle was super kind and always aims to get the best results possible. THANK YOU!

Na Smith

Friendly and professional

5.0 rating

As a trans woman was initially very nervous but Michelle put me at ease and discussed what I wanted and how we would achieve it, was great value and have amazing results! I would highly recommend to anyone considering lazer to come here.


High quality service

5.0 rating

Michelle offers a high quality service that is friendly and super effective. The treatment room is great and the treatment pretty pain free. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michelle as a practitioner


Would definetly recomnend

5.0 rating

The Primelase machine is by far the most effective I have tried and great value for money. Not having to shave or wax has changed my life and hugely boosted my self esteem. Michelle is also lovely and highly professional. Would definetly recomnend


Very professional treatment

5.0 rating

I would highly recommend this clinic for laser hair removal ,excellent results and service



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